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Young People and Economic Stability

Despite all the articles out there that talk about how mystifying the Millennial generation is, the research is actually pretty straightforward: according to recent polling, Millennials’ primary concern is economic stability. We want to hear from you: do you consider yourself economically stable? Why or why not? What obstacles stand in your way?

We’re interested to hear from anyone aged 18-35, and are particularly interested in hearing your story if:

  • You identify as LGBTQ: has your sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression stood in the way of attaining economic stability? Have you been discriminated against at work, denied housing, or harassed at school because of your identity?
  • You’re in a union, or interested in unions: the Millennial generation is the least likely to be covered by a union right now, even though we’re also the most supportive of unions. What’s your impression of unions and who they represent? Are you in one? Tell us about it. Not in one? Tell us why not.
  • You would personally benefit from an increase to a $15 minimum wage. Would you feel more economically stable? What would that extra income allow you to do?

Disclaimer: We may use your story publicly in Generation Progress’ work.