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Stand Up for Dreamers

Last fall, Donald Trump cruelly and arbitrarily eliminated the DACA program, attacking some of the best and brightest members of our generation. Because of Donald Trump’s racist, xenophobic decision, 15,000 DACA-mented young people have already lost their temporary protection from being deported. Now it’s up to Congress to pass meaningful reform where Donald Trump won’t. Every day that Congress fails to act, 122 more dreamers lose their DACA protections.

Just as we stood up when Trump attempted to enact a Muslim ban, just as we stood up at the Women’s March when Trump consistently relied on misogynistic rhetoric, just as we stood up when Trump tried to repeal health care for millions, we must now stand in unity with undocumented young people across the country. As the largest and most diverse generation in American history, we cannot let this stand. 

Email your members of Congress demanding protection for Dreamers.