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Hands Off My Birth Control

Once again Donald Trump is launching an attack on our generation’s healthcare. This time, by attacking a woman’s right to care. 

Trump and Pence are demonstrating their disregard for and disrespect of women's rights by rolling back the birth control benefit under the guise of religious liberty. This new rule will potentially cost women hundreds of dollars more a month in out of pocket costs.

No one needs their bosses to decide whether or not they can access birth control. Every individual, regardless of their employer, race, gender identity, religion or sexual orientation has the right to the health care they need and deserve. Over 99 percent of sexually active women in the U.S. use a form of birth control in their lifetime. 

Access to affordable birth control means the ability to plan for a family. To pursue your biggest dreams. To make decisions about your personal life responsibly and without fear. Being on birth control means you are in control. 

Share your story with us and we will make sure the Trump Administration hears your voice. We cannot allow them to take away our right to healthcare.